Welcome to the Spoon & the Moon.

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“The secret to good food is good ingredients.”

Spiced Red Lentil Tomato Curry Soup

Welcome to the Spoon & the Moon!


I’m Lauren, creating nourishing delicious meals is my passion and having a place to share my journey & recipes is how my blog came about. Enjoy my blog and feel free to comment. Let me what you like and what you like more of!

Empower yourself in the kitchen & empower your health!

For me, cooking is a place of empowerment. When I cook for myself and my family, I cook to support our well-being. As a busy mom, I know there are moments (quite often actually) when time is short, and I often remind myself to keep it simple. One staple in our house during busy weeks are Buddha Bowls. Keeping whole grains on hand, with cut veggies in the fridge & a couple of batches of homemade dressings… dinner can be ready in as little as 10 minutes. Batch cooking saves you time and money!

How do I make life long changes support a healthy life?

Start by incorporating one or two meals a week that are nutrient rich with plant based whole foods. Your body will love you! Instead of worrying about what not eat, think about the rainbow of whole foods that you can be adding to your diet. Small smart choices everyday leads to life-long changes. Try foods made with 100% whole grains, eat fruits & vegetables close to their natural forms, eat nutrient rich foods by eating a rainbow of colors and make veggies the star of your plate.


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